"Gifts to Grandmothers stared up in 2007 in response to the plight of African grandmothers raising children orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Our goals are simple but can make profound differences in many lives. We strive to:  enable grandmothers, widows, and orphaned children the ability to sustain themselves by giving them a hand up through loans and equipment needed for small businesses, leased land, seeds, and tools for farming and livestock.  reduce suffering by providing decent shelter, medical assistance, and feeding programs.  provide encouragement by funding community programs and places to gather.  promote education, a priority with Gifts to Grandmothers and currently sponsor 21 children and young adults from primary to university. We ensure absolute accountability through "on the ground" contacts. Anything you can give towards supporting Gifts to Grandmothers means you are supporting numerous women and children in Africa. Your donation is giving them the opportunity to become educated and independent. The power of small donations is real. Every contribution makes a difference. 100% of purchases go towards are projects, all donations receive a tax receipt..